Medical Equipments on rent

Getting medical equipment on rent or through purchase for healthcare treatment has never been this easier before in India. During difficult times, it can get difficult for you or your loved one to get the required medical equipment to recover quickly and enjoy day to day life. At Injection Service at Home Private Limited, we offer a comprehensive range of medical equipment on rent and for sale to make healthcare affordable and easier for individuals. Moreover, our team of expert professionals provide medical equipment on rent in Gurgaon and Delhi for many and we have at our disposal a team of expert professionals and technicians who always strive to help clients 24*7 through their availability.
Our medical equipment on rent and sale service is managed by expert professionals who strive to dispense tailor made solutions to home healthcare

Medical Equipments on rent

patients. Owing to our reliable and cost-effective services, we are regarded as one of the best providers for medical equipment on rent. We supply all types of medical equipment such as Bipap, CPAP, oxygen concentrator, syringe pump and many more on a rental basis. Moreover to make available these equipment, we only chose reliable and trustworthy brands of medical devices.

We strive dedicatedly to offer high-quality medical devices and equipment on rent that touch the lives of patients and help them recover well and quickly. We strongly believe in delivering the best and standard products in the field of medical equipment at most attractive rates to end customers to make healthcare affordable and better.

Medical Equipment on Rent Offered by Us

  • 1. Air Purifier
  • 2. IV stand
  • 3. Hospital Bed
  • 4. Oxygen concentrator
  • 5. Oxygen Cylinder
  • 6. Bipap
  • 7. CPAP
  • 8. Ventilator
  • 9. Multipara Monitor
  • 10. Suction Machine
  • 11. Wheel Chair
  • 12. Commode Chair
  • 13. ICU Bed
  • 14. Recliner Bed
  • 15. DVT Pump
  • 16. Syringe Pump

Note: If you require any medical equipment for purchase or for rent, you can get it from us. You can check out our extensive range of medical equipment catalogue to buy or rent them online, via phone call or email. Your equipment will be made available at your doorstep.