Care Taker Services

When your loved ones suffer from a weakening condition, watching them struggle to perform their daily activities is a miserable feeling. While you may wish to support them in the best possible way that you can, your schedule can make you helpless at times. It is at this time, you can hire caretaker services from us to ensure better healthcare of your loved ones.

Injection Service at Home Private Limited is the perfect place for you to search for caretaker attendants who could best meet healthcare needs of your loved ones. At our organization, we make available to you all the assistance and care your elderly one requires, right within the comfort of their own home.

Care Taker

Our caretakers are trained and experienced individuals who take expertise in helping elderly people and patients with their living activities on a day-to-day basis. They can be best regarded as companions who not only help your loved ones with basic activities, rather they assist the elderly people with oral medication, bathing, grooming, meal preparation and grocery shopping as per your convenience and guidance. Moreover, our caretakers also have basic knowledge to extend semi-medical care facilities such as monitoring of the blood pressure and diabetes chekup.

    Our Caretaker Services:

  • 1- Assistance with Personal Hygiene
  • 2- Meal Preparation Help
  • 3- Assistance with Wheelchair and Walkers
  • 4- Oral Medicine as per guidance
  • 5- Massage & Exercise
  • 6- General and Grocery Shopping
  • 7- Provide companionship

Why Choose Us

Our caretaker services package specifically caters to meet and fulfill the day to day requirement of the elderly people. The attendant who is responsible for taking care of the individual is duly tested for the COVID virus, maintains hygiene and is well groomed and verified by the police. Moreover, we make available caretaker services for 12 to 24 hours depending upon the individual requirement with complete security and safety.